Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Vinyl Palava

So the other day I ordered my vinyl banner and window clings
Went to get them yesterday 'errr your window clings aren't ready, come back in the morning'
Came back this morning and they'd printed my window clings - these stick to glass because they're statically charged so you can easily peel them off again - onto adhesive vinyl - these are just sticky.
They had rolled up my vinyl already and seeing as they didn't charge me for the window clings-now-vinyls I was perfectly happy to part with my £50
Got home and unrolled my vinyl to see that about a third of the way down the colour on the printer ran out or something so two thirds of my vinyl are all yellow and weird.

I am too scared to go down there and complain face to face so I have emailed them and will now sit here until they email me back.

I am also trying to assess how easy it would be to peel the vinyls off the shop window.. not too tricky I don't think...

Everything is always such a ruddy mission!


  1. Thats really awful service. They should have noticed that. I hope you get them redone for free now, I would be kicking their butts!

  2. Apparently it was my file... whoops.
    HOWEVER he said he noticed when he opened it.. so I don't know why he didn't tell me before he printed it
    Who would want their work to look like that?
    He said he'll print another one for free
    They must hate me :)