Monday, 30 August 2010

12 Summer Project



Need to add some sort of border..think I'll use this one for the drinking quote..

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bear Tee

Printed for a friend.
The pattern was his idea and the bears go all round the back.
Think it looks way better than the ones I've been printing.

Monday, 23 August 2010

11 Summer Project

Decided I definitely can't just draw straight pictures of Jordan and need to make them relevant to the quotes I picked.
Quite like this one as a final piece. Just need to do more to the hair.
Also need the text to read 'Katie says' so it ties in with the ridiculous amount of 'What Katie did' documentaries.. vomit.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

10 Summer Project (Post 200!)

Decided I need to start drawing out of the sketchbook so I can start trying to get my final images.
This is only my first attempt. I started with dip pen and ink but I couldn't get a good line so went back to good old fine liner.
1. This doesn't look at all like Jordan
2. I don't feel like it looks like I drew it
3. The image wouldn't fit on the space and for my finals I want 'contained' images - if that makes sense.
4. Excuse the hands
5. I think I need to try drawing in pencil as well...

9 Summer Project (Artist Research)

David Galletly:

Tim Enthoven:

Francesco D'Isa:

After I had more of an idea of what I wanted to do for my final piece I thought it would be good to look at some existing work. I chose to look at these particular artists because of the contrasting use of space and detail within the same subject. I sort of see this as a contemporary and more mature way of recreating the more classic 'colouring book' drawings.
The weetabix drawing by David Galletly's given me the idea of having my text in a different colour.. maybe.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

8 Summer Project

Went to the Haunch of Venison the other day for the Polly Morgan: Psychopomps and the Joana Vasconcelos: I Will Survive exhibitions.
Thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and loved discovering you were allowed to take pictures though I was too scared to put the flash on my camera.
Took a lot of photos and made a few notes for the report I need to write.
But yes.. go and see it!

Also found this nice little interview with Polly Morgan:

Friday, 20 August 2010

Oh hi...

Click this..

..and get involved

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Also (give away)

I just printed my new image onto some bags and two of them got double printed.
I think they look quite cool but would feel cheeky to sell them so first two people to comment get them for free?

On the condition that you spread my good name to every person you ever meet.....



Soon I will be using a different blog.
Decided it would be better to have one with my name on instead.

Please click the link and follow it and I'll start using it as soon as I sort myself out.
Would hate to lose my lovely followers!!!

Also here is a new print design.

Monday, 16 August 2010

7 Summer Project

More trash = more drawings.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

6 Summer Project

I like this... though I don't like the second face.
I may have an idea for my final piece now.
Basically at work we're giving away promotional colouring books from Vans.
So I thought...maybe a Jordan colouring book?
Inappropriate and shouldn't be for children to see.. Just like the lady herself.
Might even include some crayons, would only need an orange one and a black one.
Going to start looking at some illustrators for inspiration and that.

5 Summer Project


Soorry the images are all a bit wonky and that but my sketchbook doesn't fit in my tiny scanner

4 Summer Project

As part of my research I've been asking people what they think of Jordan.
Here are the comments I've had so far.
If you'd like to add your own then that would be lovely, just comment below please!

3 Summer Project

To start out I just picked a couple of celebrities that are frequently in the media for breaking the law and being generally disgusting.
After a few images I started thinking that Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss aren't as fitting as I thought for my idea seeing as they both have legitimate careers.
Despite the whole coke scandal with Moss I decided there wouldn't be a whole lot to go on, plus I don't dislike Kate Moss and am therefore not very driven to dig into her past and slate it for my project.
Jordan/Katie Price however, has made a career out of posing naked and selling her entire life (and the private lives of her children) to gossip magazines and to the media in general.
After looking into her background more - and getting increasingly angry at the things she's done and said - I decided to focus entirely on Jordan.