Friday, 29 April 2011

Hackney Wick Flea Market tomorrow!!

Hey everyone, currently gathering everything together for the market tomorrow
Me and Sadaf will be selling a tonne of vintage/non vintage clothes, shoes and other bits and bobs and I'll be selling my bags and t-shirts and what not
There will be a load of stores selling food/clothes and god knows what else
The sun is supposed to be out too so come and say hello!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Book done

Finally got my cloth tape for my book
I am pretty pleased with it though taking a nice photo is difficult when there is no non creased white paper bigger than A3 anywhere in the house.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Chocolate Day

No work to show, it's all about my portfolio for my final assessment at the moment.

Spent today taking photos with Adam and Chris from Secret Store (please excuse my face)
If you haven't checked out the site you most definitely should, t-shirts are now £24

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Went and took my photos at the shop today:

My window vinyls didn't really turn out how I wanted but these were sort of an afterthought in my project
I thought they'd look better translucent but I wish I'd just got them printed onto white vinyl - I thought this would detract from the shop window display inside though Office currently have a MASSIVE block colour vinyl on their window. Probably should have research it a bit more.
The vinyls look better when you're looking out from the shop which sort of defeats the point.

Really pleased with the shelf panel vinyls.
Cutting them out was pretty sad after all the effort and time spent getting it printed as one big thing.
I think they're effective and bright and go well with the shops general 'feel'
It's a shame I couldn't afford to print loads and put them all up
I've had some really positive feedback so thanks so much to everyone it means a lot!! :) x


Turns out it was my PDF file that was discoloured and the lovely people at 'Applied Impressions' even reprinted it for free
Going to my old work to put the vinyl up and take photos
It's such a shame I have to cut this massive thing into bits so it fits in the shelf panels.

Vinyl Palava

So the other day I ordered my vinyl banner and window clings
Went to get them yesterday 'errr your window clings aren't ready, come back in the morning'
Came back this morning and they'd printed my window clings - these stick to glass because they're statically charged so you can easily peel them off again - onto adhesive vinyl - these are just sticky.
They had rolled up my vinyl already and seeing as they didn't charge me for the window clings-now-vinyls I was perfectly happy to part with my £50
Got home and unrolled my vinyl to see that about a third of the way down the colour on the printer ran out or something so two thirds of my vinyl are all yellow and weird.

I am too scared to go down there and complain face to face so I have emailed them and will now sit here until they email me back.

I am also trying to assess how easy it would be to peel the vinyls off the shop window.. not too tricky I don't think...

Everything is always such a ruddy mission!

Monday, 18 April 2011


Got some portfolio pages printed at Mail Boxes Etc today (they are pretty good and cheap)
and discovered after all of my stresses and worries that there is a vinyl printing shop right down the road from me so those will be ready tomorrow! Just hope they look good.

Currently prepping some of my handmade merch for the Hackney Wick Flea Market that's happening the Saturday after next (Saturday 30th April)
Please come and say hi/buy my things.
Me and Sadaf will be selling vintage clothes as well
Other illustrator types who will be selling their items include:

Alex Hughes
Lizzy Lee
Sarah Kirk

Stalls are only £10 if you fancy taking part and all sellers get a free cup of coffee. Boom!


Sunday, 17 April 2011

They love maths

A while back a very good friend of mine asked me to design a logo for their maths society
And I did it and now they've got their jumpers printed.
It's nothing spectacular but it's nice to see something you've done all printed up and being useful

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Oh hey I've (very nearly) finished my book

I've finished making my book!
I still need to order my cloth tape for the spine.. still trying to bring my self to pay £6.50 postage for it tbh.
But yes. There are only about 14 of the original 44 shoes but I just thought it would be a bit repetitive and I didn't have enough interesting stories.
Considering I'm a ridiculously messy creature when it comes to making things I'm pretty pleased with it
It has a hardback cover and everything

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Two days without doing any work
I feel I deserved it though
I err, bought a nice t-shirt... but that's about it
Oh and I saw Chico at the Natural History Museum yesterday, it was a bit surreal

The end.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I cleared my desk yesterday and now it feels a lot calmer
My mum seems to like buying me plants at the moment
The orchid used to have like 5 flowers and now there's only one..but apparently that's not my fault



These were originally just some sketchbook pages of some of my other collections
I was advised to expand the shop display idea and apply it to other items to show I'm not a 'one trick pony'
I like the idea of seeing the nail varnish one on the back panel of a make up counter.

Also, I just came across this blog whilst looking for illustrators who focus on collections.
I love her stuff
Take a looksee

Monday, 11 April 2011

shoe box illustrations

Feeling pretty on top of things at the moment for once.
I've designed my vinyl and 'clings' and sent them to the printers for a quote.
I'm about 60% of the way to finishing my little book
And I just ordered a portfolio for assessment

So this was another idea I had for putting my work into context
Annoyingly I don't tend to keep my shoe boxes so I can't try it out with any of the others
It's a nice idea but when it came to thinking about printing onto card and making up the boxes it just seemed a bit too complicated for my tiny brain.

I think Office should definitely hire me..

Going to have a look round and see if I can find anymore shoe boxes.

P.S. I've also signed up to be in the Hackney Wick Flea Market at the end of the month
Going to take a couple of my tote bags/t-shirt/prints as well as a tonne of vintage clothes

Saturday, 9 April 2011

disposable camera...again

starting to remember why i fell out of love with film camera
when you get a couple of shit pictures you were looking forward to seeing you wish you'd taken your digital camera out
though i still love it when i get some good ones
no drawing to speak of at the moment, it's all about putting the shoes together for printing and stuff
a lot of these were taken at 'lassco' the (extremely expensive) 'junk yard' which isn't really a junk yard. hard to explain.
if you can get to Battersea it's worth going to have a look at all the weird/interesting/beautiful things though.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011