Monday, 11 April 2011

shoe box illustrations

Feeling pretty on top of things at the moment for once.
I've designed my vinyl and 'clings' and sent them to the printers for a quote.
I'm about 60% of the way to finishing my little book
And I just ordered a portfolio for assessment

So this was another idea I had for putting my work into context
Annoyingly I don't tend to keep my shoe boxes so I can't try it out with any of the others
It's a nice idea but when it came to thinking about printing onto card and making up the boxes it just seemed a bit too complicated for my tiny brain.

I think Office should definitely hire me..

Going to have a look round and see if I can find anymore shoe boxes.

P.S. I've also signed up to be in the Hackney Wick Flea Market at the end of the month
Going to take a couple of my tote bags/t-shirt/prints as well as a tonne of vintage clothes


  1. nice idea, the illustrations are always nice, perhaps because they have a sole