Thursday, 22 July 2010

2 Summer Project

I've now decided to base my project on the 'role models' or 'idols' in our culture.
More specifically the ones that, I feel, aren't fit to be in the public eye for doing nothing but make a mess of their lives.
These people - such as Jordan - are people that sell their private lives (and their children's private lives in Jordan's case) to the media.
People such as Jordan/Paris Hilton/Kerry Katona etc are accessible for people - particularly young girls - to idolise and I think that things may be a lot different without them.

Buying gossip rags will be one of my main sources of research... I really hate gossip rags...

I also want to ask people who they idolise and why, take photos of the people I interview etc and see where it takes me.

1 Summer Project

I found it extremely difficult to start this project. Mainly because there isn't really any social/political/environmental/cultural issues that I feel super super strongly about.
I was going to do it on the comments made by Chris Packham on how they should axe species protection charities etc but after seeing another illustrator had already done a project on pandas etc I decided to try and think of something.

These are just the few pages of abandoned ideas..

(I decided I didn't feel strongly opposed..enough.. to do it on fox hunting)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Oh hi

Hello I am back, it was amazing (thanks)
Need to start on my dissertation, summer project and a few commission type things.
Also have to start back at work tomorrow.
I did take a sketch book but it just turned into a scrap book with lots of tickets and general Hong Kong rubbish disguised as souvenirs.
Here is something I bought at the Womens Market. It is one of my favourite things ever..