Sunday, 26 June 2011

I feel pretty smart right now

Not illustration related in the slightest..
..or is it?
No. But I am still very proud of myself

Here's the tutorial I used:

It says use 70% rubbing alcohol but I used 30% tesco value vodka and it worked fiinee

(and I used Topshop Matt topcoat instead)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

disposable camera three

Had this camera for a while and finally finished it the other day.. enjooy!

Thursday, 23 June 2011


So happy to finally have a whole day to do proper work that I actually give a sh*t about.
All of these TV folk will make sense soon enough x


Received my Gaga print from Becky Gray in the post today.
Absolutely ruddy awesome.
Check out her website:

Not much work to show at the moment, got a weeny commission type thing in the works but can't put it up for a while x

Monday, 20 June 2011

New print (for me not for you)

Went to the Camberwell show today and bought this lovely print by Daniel Clarke.
Click here for his blog.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Oh wow oh wow

Can't believe how many new followers I've accumulated today.
Thank you so much for finding me and my work (even remotely) interesting.

I'm guessing you've all come over from Wallpaper Rose so good luck to everyone who entered to win the give away.
If you haven't heard of Wallpaper Rose or the give away then click this link:

She's giving away lots of lovely treats from some equally lovely bloggers.
I donated one of my home screen printed bear tote bags and pug greeting cards.
So take a look and leave a comment, you could win everything!


Thursday, 16 June 2011


Just finished this mister.
Yeah I gave in and went back to animals.
Think I'll be selling him as a print.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shoe Postcards

Oh my goodness third blog post of the day I do apologise.
Just letting people know that I've just listed individual shoe postcards for sale now, just incase you had a favourite.

Click here


Another drawing for my new project, David Dickinson.
If I were working in colour my orange watercolour tablet would be no more.


Took the show down today, the course going up after us are super lucky that we did it so quickly (we went in after fine art and ended up mopping the floor with loo paper for a good hour or so).
I thought I'd feel a lot sadder than I do but maybe it hasn't all sunk in yet.
I think the thing that makes me saddest is that, as most people know, I wasn't amazingly happy at Westminster so I didn't go in very much which means I didn't get to know half the people in my class.
Prepping for the degree show meant getting to know more people and seeing all their amazing work. So yeah that's the one thing I regret, I think if you're working in an open studio space it's a shame not to socialise and make the most of having so many different people/opinions around you.
So that and gradually beginning to draw a lot better than I did when I started are the two things I'm taking away from the course.

ANYWAY I thought I'd take some time to feature some work from the degree show. I really can't feature everyone but there are a lot of people from my course that I've never featured/mentioned so I thought I'd put some of my nice photographs to good use, click names for their blogs:

P.S. I would LOVE to add that the shop run by myself and Alex made well over £300 in total. About £90 of this was made by postcards sales (postcards that our tutor told us were pointless to sell as "no one buys postcards") so hurrah to us, we were so pleased with the shop and how it turned out and thanks to everyone who helped invigilate it and so on x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Starting a new project..

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Oh hey look it's our show.

Was invigilating today so I took my SLR with me and took as many snaps as possible.
Will put pictures of the work up after the show, don't want to spoil too much!

Friday, 10 June 2011


So today I got a call saying that basically all my professionally printed business cards are gone.
I just looked in my bag and I have about.. 3 left so I've printed and (badly) cut my own..
I just hope some bigshot doesn't come to the show, see my shoddy cards and spit on it....

It's fine though, I'm pretty flattered. Even if no one took them to get in contact at least people like my drawings on them!
Ordered more lovely rounded corner ones from but they won't be here in time for the show.

Anyway I'll be in tomorrow from about 12 til the end invigilating at the shop. Please pop in and say hi. Everyone's done an amazing job so now we just need as many people as possible to come and have a look!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Private view

Private view was tonight and I think it was pretty successful.
Yesterday (late) afternoon the head of illustration helped me put up my one A0 print then turned to me and said 'I think you should get another A0 print' which I stupidly agreed to.
This meant I had a pretty stressful day today and picked up my print from Hoxton at about 4.15pm and didn't hang it until about 5pm...the show opened at 6pm..
But it was busy and everyone was merry. Me and Alex were in charge of the shop which was super busy so I didn't really get to do too much mingling and that.

It is worrying how terrifying I found it when people didn't get me the correct change and I had to work out how much to give them back.
So yes it was a bit hectic and I didn't take my slr so I will take some proper pictures on Saturday before I invigilate (yes I am invigilating at the shop from 12.15 til 6 so come and say hello!)

Also wasn't too lovely to come home from my degree show and find Amelia bloody Gregory has cut it down in one sentence/tweet. But oh well some people have nothing better to do than unnecessarily criticise..

Sort of hasn't sunken in that this is pretty much it yet. I'm not sad to leave uni because this year has been a bit of a joke tutor wise and stuff and I generally didn't ever really get in to the whole 'uni experience' but these last few weeks have been awesome in terms of people helping each other out. Setting up for shows like this really bring out people's best/worst sides for sure.

What a long blog post, I will probably reread this tomorrow when I finally emerge from my bed and delete it out of embarrassment.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Guys, the degree show private view is tomorrow night.
The gallery isn't the nicest so I was worried about the show looking terrible if I'm honest but oh my goodness, it's looking amazing.
Actually in a mental race to get another A0 print done for tomorrow which I'll have to pick up from Hoxton then make my way to Baker Street. Stress!

It's been weeks of hard work and money and tears and stress (and I'm definitely getting super ill) so please come along it will be awesome!
Details in the post below x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Come or we'll cry

It's turning out to be a lot of ruddy work and stress so please come and make it all worth it.


P.S. After the private view P3 is open from 10-6 every day until close. The uni missed out the time because they're good like that.