Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Took the show down today, the course going up after us are super lucky that we did it so quickly (we went in after fine art and ended up mopping the floor with loo paper for a good hour or so).
I thought I'd feel a lot sadder than I do but maybe it hasn't all sunk in yet.
I think the thing that makes me saddest is that, as most people know, I wasn't amazingly happy at Westminster so I didn't go in very much which means I didn't get to know half the people in my class.
Prepping for the degree show meant getting to know more people and seeing all their amazing work. So yeah that's the one thing I regret, I think if you're working in an open studio space it's a shame not to socialise and make the most of having so many different people/opinions around you.
So that and gradually beginning to draw a lot better than I did when I started are the two things I'm taking away from the course.

ANYWAY I thought I'd take some time to feature some work from the degree show. I really can't feature everyone but there are a lot of people from my course that I've never featured/mentioned so I thought I'd put some of my nice photographs to good use, click names for their blogs:

P.S. I would LOVE to add that the shop run by myself and Alex made well over £300 in total. About £90 of this was made by postcards sales (postcards that our tutor told us were pointless to sell as "no one buys postcards") so hurrah to us, we were so pleased with the shop and how it turned out and thanks to everyone who helped invigilate it and so on x

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