Thursday, 9 June 2011

Private view

Private view was tonight and I think it was pretty successful.
Yesterday (late) afternoon the head of illustration helped me put up my one A0 print then turned to me and said 'I think you should get another A0 print' which I stupidly agreed to.
This meant I had a pretty stressful day today and picked up my print from Hoxton at about 4.15pm and didn't hang it until about 5pm...the show opened at 6pm..
But it was busy and everyone was merry. Me and Alex were in charge of the shop which was super busy so I didn't really get to do too much mingling and that.

It is worrying how terrifying I found it when people didn't get me the correct change and I had to work out how much to give them back.
So yes it was a bit hectic and I didn't take my slr so I will take some proper pictures on Saturday before I invigilate (yes I am invigilating at the shop from 12.15 til 6 so come and say hello!)

Also wasn't too lovely to come home from my degree show and find Amelia bloody Gregory has cut it down in one sentence/tweet. But oh well some people have nothing better to do than unnecessarily criticise..

Sort of hasn't sunken in that this is pretty much it yet. I'm not sad to leave uni because this year has been a bit of a joke tutor wise and stuff and I generally didn't ever really get in to the whole 'uni experience' but these last few weeks have been awesome in terms of people helping each other out. Setting up for shows like this really bring out people's best/worst sides for sure.

What a long blog post, I will probably reread this tomorrow when I finally emerge from my bed and delete it out of embarrassment.

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