Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Went and took my photos at the shop today:

My window vinyls didn't really turn out how I wanted but these were sort of an afterthought in my project
I thought they'd look better translucent but I wish I'd just got them printed onto white vinyl - I thought this would detract from the shop window display inside though Office currently have a MASSIVE block colour vinyl on their window. Probably should have research it a bit more.
The vinyls look better when you're looking out from the shop which sort of defeats the point.

Really pleased with the shelf panel vinyls.
Cutting them out was pretty sad after all the effort and time spent getting it printed as one big thing.
I think they're effective and bright and go well with the shops general 'feel'
It's a shame I couldn't afford to print loads and put them all up
I've had some really positive feedback so thanks so much to everyone it means a lot!! :) x


  1. The shelf panel vinyls look amazing! Well done!

  2. This is fantastic. Amazing work xxx

  3. Love it! Well done. x