Saturday, 9 April 2011

disposable camera...again

starting to remember why i fell out of love with film camera
when you get a couple of shit pictures you were looking forward to seeing you wish you'd taken your digital camera out
though i still love it when i get some good ones
no drawing to speak of at the moment, it's all about putting the shoes together for printing and stuff
a lot of these were taken at 'lassco' the (extremely expensive) 'junk yard' which isn't really a junk yard. hard to explain.
if you can get to Battersea it's worth going to have a look at all the weird/interesting/beautiful things though.


  1. these photos are lovely! it's completely inspired me to get a disposable camera again for the sunny weather. i really like the last one.

  2. aah thanks, yeah i was obsessed with the radiators!
    You should get down there you'd love it