Sunday, 26 September 2010

New project..

I am doing it on trainspotting... okay?
Those up there are pictures of some trainspotters. I don't like them much.
I joined a trainspotting forum so I could nose around at the pictures.
Trying to muster the courage to ask them questions about their hobby and that.
Sorry for the broken sentences. I have been at work. Tired.

On another note I just discovered some amazing work by Stephanie Kubo:

Would have been great research for my Katie colouring book.
Here is her blog, it's very lovely:

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  1. You do that thing I do as well (don't know if it's deliberate) where you make people's noses really long. I try to remedy it by making noses really short, that way it sort of balances out. Having said that, I really like the second portrait.