Monday, 6 September 2010

16 Summer Project

Working on an image for the quote in which Jordan talks about how some people are famous for inventing the pencil sharpener and she is famous for her "tits".
Not gonna lie, searching for topless Jordan pictures with safe mode off on google was pretty grim..
I was wondering whether to include the face or not, I'm planning to have a border of pencil sharpeners and for some reason I really like the idea of this topless and headless lady being surrounding by pencil sharpeners.
Still going for the inappropriate angle and I feel like having this as an incomplete image is more so than with a head?
I don't know, will draw the rest and decide...

P.S. Today I received a big box of plain white fruit of the loom t-shirts.

Print print print.


  1. The things hiding her lady nipples look a bit like pencil sharpenings I think x

  2. Her boobs emerging from a sea of pencil sharpenings? Sort of like in American Beauty with the rose petals ...

    I am thoroughly enjoying this Jordan series.

  3. Haha, imagine being sprinkled with pencil sharpenings.

    And thanks! It's getting a bit stale now though..