Friday, 5 March 2010

20 (E.E.P)

I think I prefer the chihuahua one still. I prefer that the text is a bit less obvious because I don't want these to look like some sort of campaign poster, I want to to be more of a picture than a poster.. if that makes sense.


  1. I prefer the text when it's every other line, for example in your first image. With the chihuahua one the text is lost because the pattern takes all the focus away. You said you needed opinions haha, so ta-da hope it's helpful?xxx

  2. these are so gorgeous! i'm totally mesmerised by the patterns and negative space created between the heads of the dogs, and how well the chihuahuas head tesselates! I prefer the placing of the words in the last two pictures. perhaps the lettering could fill the spaces inbetween the heads, as you said you don't want it to be too obvious? i've really enjoyed watching your ideas develop through this blog. (i feel like a massive internet stalker now, but i thought i had been lurking too long and wanted to say how much i love these pieces!)