Friday, 5 March 2010

19 (E.E.P)

After starting to test out the whole wallpaper/pattern idea I realised the copies I was working with were pretty poor because they'd been photocopied then scanned so had lost a lot of the original colour, so I rescanned them all and started again.
I'm actually really pleased with them all and now it's just a case of playing around with adding text and deciding which one looks best. I'm really liking the chihuahua one just because it's like a proper pattern because they all sort of fit together. I don't really like the pug one. Also wondering whether to make the other ones smaller so I can fit more on them seeing as that's how the chihuahua one is and it looks the best. Thoughts?


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  2. these are lush hun, i love them!
    i think the chihuahua one is my favourite too!
    maybe when you are duplicating, line them up slightly staggered so the lines are less regimented when it all comes together maybe?

  3. This looks brilliant! Def think the chihuahua one works the best, I'd say the pug one is the least strongest. Managed to sort out the pesky scanner then?xxx

  4. i like the chihuahua one it looks like a bee hive.. i think you could fit tiny bull terriers between the bulldogs patters, like the space inbetween the heads looks like the right shape..maybe?x