Wednesday, 30 March 2011

SO ruddy close

I am so nearly finished.
I just finished shoe number 86
Planning to get to 120 tonight. I can so do it. Maybe.

Also if anyone out there would like to send me/comment me a couple of lines about what they love about shoes/what particular memories certain shoes hold that would be lovely as I'm planning on making a little book.

Monday, 28 March 2011

more shoes

It's quite nice to draw other peoples shoes now.
Mine were getting boring.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


So sorry my blog is so dry at the moment
It appears to be so dry that one of my followers dried up and crumbled off. Big sigh.
I can't even show you the shoes I'm drawing until I get into uni to use the HUGE scanner
Thank you to those who emailed me their shoes
It means a lot that people are willing to help me with my project!
I should have enough, though if you would like to send me more that might be nice too :)

So again, apologies for the lack of blogging
To tide you over, here's a picture of me in space

(I am really not that pale.. but I am really in space)

Also, my sister has finally got herself a blogspot so anyone who's interested in interior design/architectural type things might find it interesting


I went back to 'Pick Me Up' with Kezia and bought a print by Revenge Is Sweet for £40

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

to my lovely and (may i add very beautiful) followers..

I have a favour to ask of you
I have been advised to expand my shoe project from my collection to other peoples shoe collections
I would therefore be super grateful to anyone who could send me photos of your shoes
It can be a whole collection or a couple of favourites - any contribution will help
You can probably guess that I'm after side on photos of the outside of the shoe like I have been doing all along
Might even send a free tote to my favourite selection or maybe to whoever sends me the most
They are more to draw from so the res doesn't have to be super high, just so long as the pictures are clear
Also I'm only looking for ladies shoes I'm afraid so no mens shoes!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

My e-mail is


Thursday, 17 March 2011

domain name

I just attached my domain name to my cargo collective site

I'm a computer dunce so if that link doesn't work let me know..then tell me how to fix it!

Pick Me Up

Went and had a quick look round 'Pick Me Up' at Somerset House.
I missed last years and wanted to make the effort this year - it's way smaller than I expected it to be. There were some really lovely stuff but I didn't bring my SLR so I only have a couple of rubbish pictures from my phone. Was a bit disappointed as all the prints I loved were well over £100, was looking to buy something new for my room. There's a lot of other stuff set up like workshops for screen printing though nothing seemed to be running when I was there. Definitely going back..for another look. (I also spied Lizzy Stewart and was sadly illustrator-fame-struck and ran away..ha)
But yeah, apologies for the crappy picture quality, definitely worth the trip for anyone thinking about going.

Nigel Peake (amazing mark making)

Monday, 14 March 2011

watercolour shoes

I've been painting my original line drawings over the past few days
Wasn't too pleased with them at first but after tidying them up on photoshop and that I think they're looking better
It would have been a lot easier to colour everything on photoshop but I quite like that the paint is uneven and you can see the brush marks etc etc.
So yes, here are some of the many shoes I scanned today..

Thursday, 10 March 2011

this for that?

Oh hello
I've decided that to celebrate the - eeeventuual - launch of Secret Store I'll be sending a free tote bag to the first couple of people that buy my design from the store
Just as a thank you and that.
So if anyone does end up buying one drop me an e-mail, I'll get one of the Secret Store boys to confirm it and then I can send you a tote!

Also, the other day I wiped all my silk screens so all of the printed stuff in my online stores are now pretty much 'limited edition'
Keep your eyes peeled for new designs when I'm all done with my FMP :)

P.S. David Galletly is also giving away free stuff for people who buy his design so go check it out please


Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Guys, Secret Store is launching on Friday so you'll be able to buy my t-shirt design
(or some of the other awesome designs)

Anyone who hasn't submitted yet should definitely do it!