Thursday, 10 March 2011

this for that?

Oh hello
I've decided that to celebrate the - eeeventuual - launch of Secret Store I'll be sending a free tote bag to the first couple of people that buy my design from the store
Just as a thank you and that.
So if anyone does end up buying one drop me an e-mail, I'll get one of the Secret Store boys to confirm it and then I can send you a tote!

Also, the other day I wiped all my silk screens so all of the printed stuff in my online stores are now pretty much 'limited edition'
Keep your eyes peeled for new designs when I'm all done with my FMP :)

P.S. David Galletly is also giving away free stuff for people who buy his design so go check it out please



  1. Awesome. Congrats. :D Hope you get lots of sales.

  2. Your blog has more followers then Select Model Agency.

    well done! x