Monday, 18 October 2010

My bedroom gallery...

Today was a bit of a fail what with the tubes being messed up and all.
Went to talk to mister screen print man and he told me I'd printed my 'negatives' out using the wrong type of printer AND my images will have to be a lot simpler in terms of like gradient... basically no gradient. And I don't think I like that idea so I might have to abandon screen printing the entire thing even though I think it would look super lovely.

On a nicer note, I have acquired quite a nice amount of images for my bedroom now.
The two framed ones and the one underneath are from Lizzy Stewart.
The bison is by Jen Collins and the rabbit is by Jackie Bos.
Also LOOK at that Panda Kigu, I picked it up from the sorting office just now.
Halloween costume sorted.. Just need somewhere to go now.....

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