Tuesday, 12 October 2010

All Boys Liked Trains..

Simone suggested I screen print my zine instead of ink jet printing.
Bit daunting but I think I'll give it a go. It means I'll be doing it all in black and white.
I don't really feel confident that I'll have the time to teach myself the whole colour layering thing.
I've started printing things out onto tracing paper but I don't really have much final stuff yet.
She also suggested I give it some sort of narrative which just means I have to rethink the order of my images aaand I might be putting my own sort of trainspotting opinions in as well.

I decided to write out some of my text over carbon paper so I get a nice smudgy effect.
It reminds me when I used it in year 3 to trace maps, so it's got quite a nostalgic element which is what I wanted to go with the image the lovely man from the railway forum sent me.

Lots to do then.

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