Monday, 19 April 2010

14 (Self Defined)

Still working on Walter. I needed more detail and shading etc so I looked up some old 1930's portraits. Also did the background and made him look a little more finished. I think it looks a little more like a photo portrait now rather than just a drawing.. if that makes sense.
(Below are examples of my portrait research, the first one is so creepy)

Need to start speeding up and getting all my roughs done, I drew out nearly all my composition ideas which I might scan but I hate putting rough work on here.
I've changed my idea for the garter quote because I wanted to use those saucy legs for the cat quote. I prefer the lady in the gin glass but still not sure about it as a final. I might do something which shows his 'beer goggles' or whatever the phrase is seeing as prostitutes back then would have been a lot more skanky and a lot less saucy. Maybe?

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