Thursday, 29 April 2010

21 Reworking stuff (Self Defined)

I thought I needed to make it so all my images come together so I started to rework this idea and add ink drips - like the rabbit one. But I spoke to Simone today and she said it wasn't necessary to link everything together and gave me a list of things I need to redo with my other finals. I need to redraw the glass for this because it looks like I didn't study a real one -which I did not - and also maybe think of a different way to incorporate the..bum.. like in an ice cube or something.

P.S. A date for people's diaries: the show that me and the people on my course are doing is going to be on from 3rd - 7th June and it would be lovely if people took some time out and came to see it, okaaay?

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