Friday, 26 February 2010

12 (E.E.P)

The one on the right is supposed to have the health issues coming out of it's mouth though because I transferred them they came out backwards.. quite like how it looks..
Also quite liking putting dogs ontop of the brains but I don't think it's very 'gettable'...

These aren't really definite compositions, I'm trying to think of a way to incorporate text into it though I don't really have many ideas for phrases or words. There was one in one of the telegraph articles where a man said something like 'In effect we are breeding them to death' so I took the words above from that.
I don't know if they're getting a bit severe, I don't want them to look like some sort of campaign.
Definitely over inked them though, so drippy.


  1. I really like the ones on the brown paper! Not so keen on the dripping brains either side though. Have you tried making your own font yet? You could make the letters out of dogs in different positions (maybe just black silhouettes?). Or how about as if they've been 'branded' with a hot iron on their bodies with the type? I don't want to come across as preachy and telling you what to do. But i think you're on to a winner here.

  2. Ha, I know the brains were stupid but the sides looked so empty!!
    I might try font tomorrow... but I hate typography and all that. I hate the tattoo type i used though so it's probably a good idea. You're not preach, you are trés helpful, thaaanks!!

  3. Yeaaahh, just read this, let me know how it goes (post photos and shit). Sort of reminds me of art nouveau .... maybe add in some fancy borders? Really glorify it ... I think the floating banners make me think that ...