Tuesday, 23 February 2010

10 (E.E.P)

I really want to get this gel transfer stuff right but it goes all blotchy, I think it might be the ink and I need to use a proper photocopier at uni instead to get a clearer picture.
The bottom one was just me waiting for things to dry, I felt sick the whole time I was drawing it.
Been looking at lots of articles about Crufts and how the RSPCA aren't supporting them anymore because of all the inbreeding etc etc..

There are loads on the Telegraph website


  1. I like the brains. All shrivvled up and ew.

    The dogs in that photo on the telegraph link are the one's I was talking about. Shar Pei. I quite like them... when they are puppies they are too cute. I think they are fighting dogs. Kinda rare. I've never seen one in real.

  2. i very much like your brains and that dog you drew whilst feeling sick.