Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Living Etc Magazine

So I'm a little bit chuffed, my 'Haters Gonna Hate' pigeon has it's very own spot in the January issue of Living Etc.
My very first magazine feature thanks to the A4 print being sold by the lovely Lizzie Evans at the Smug shop in Angel.

I only got 50 printed and they're selling fast which I wasn't expecting to be honest.
So thank you so so much to everyone who's been buying from me, pigeon prints and all.
You are all making me feel super special and I really appreciate it!!
Seeing as my prints are nearly gone and limited edition I think I'll be looking into getting him printed onto t-shirts in the new year :)



  1. Cool Izzy, I actually have a copy of this mag. Me and my sister were going through it and we spotted it. Awesome :) x