Saturday, 17 September 2011


Well goodness, I did say I would do a give away once I hit 200 followers but I haven't been on the ball and have actually got 202 now!
Hello to you lovely people, to say thank you for making me feel so special/interesting I'm going to do be doing a little give away.
The winner will receive one of my screen printed deer totes (you can choose which of the 3 colours you would like), a pigeon print and any other little bits I can gather together.
The give away will run until the end of this month (Friday 30th September) and I will select a winner at random.. might even use the old school name in a hat..depending on how many entries I get.

Please comment with your name, email and the colour deer tote you would like to be sent.
If you're not familiar with all the colours please refer to either of my online shops.

Thanks again for following! xxx

P.S. The cookie monster cake has no relevance to the give away, my sister made them the other day and they were insanely good, check out her blog here


  1. Hey ! I've been waiting SO long to be your 200th follower, I couldn't wait any longer so I thought I'd settle for 199 ;) It's really kind of you to be giving away your lovely work, :3 I'm following you on Tumblr and here, & I've sent you a few messages :3 So .. if I get picked, I think I would LOVE to have the black on natural tote canvas bag. I just hope I'm so luck to BE picked !

    Kirstie Louise Rogers

    Thankyou ! :D

  2. Wow this is a lovely giveaway :) I follow with GFC!
    All of the totes are cute, but my fav is the gold on natural for sure :)


  3. hurray for giveaways! I also follow with Gfc. I also just want to say i think your pigeon prints are so awesome!

    Hannah xxxx

    p.s, if picked i would love gold on green or any really because i think they are lovely!

  4. Black on Natural Tote please :)

    Emma Collins

    PS. That cupcake looks amazing! Must look at your sisters blog now :)

  5. Congrats on 202 followers! :) Your sisters cakes look amazing!
    I really love the black on natural tote
    I follow via GFC! Katie Moody

  6. i follow on gfc! i really like the black on natural tote(:

  7. The cookie monster cake is amazing!! Congratulation on the followers. I'd love to enter if you don't mind - the dark green tote is my favourite. (The new pup looks fantastic - I just showed Lizzie! Very exciting.)

    Lou xx

  8. only just stumbled across your work and it's all so lovely! :)

    i'd love the gold on green tote!

    abbie xo

  9. Congrats on 200 :) Hopefully i'll get there someday too :P (also I love the cake ... and now need a cookie! :O)

    Loving the gold on natural tote :) - deer tote so suits for living in green Scotland

    Katie x

  10. Ooh I would love to enter your giveaway, those totes are gorgeous.
    If I won I would love a black on natural one.

    Jess xx

  11. We at Lucky Dip are big big fans so couldn't resist entering!
    We super love the gold deer tote!
    Louise and Nick x

  12. Bangin'.
    Putting myself forward for a gold on natural tote plz.

    Keep on producing.

  13. Wow! I love your screenprinted everything! Anywho, if I were to be picked, I would choose the black on natural, for sure :)

  14. Wow ur stuff is absouloutly amazing for the giveaway i would pick gold on green :) thanks