Friday, 25 February 2011

Mock up self-promotional zine

Used my lovely little sewing machine to stitch this together
It's only a rough one, still going to work into some of the images and play around with image placement and that.
Also didn't really how rubbish the paper was, I bought loads of different colours in it as well.
You can see the images on the other side! Stupid Rhymans..
Also I like the idea of images bleeding onto the next page like I did with the ink but I can't work out how to not get a border when I print. Is it even ruddy possible??

P.S. please ignore the website address, I've bought the domain name but have NO idea how to like..attach it to my cargo collectice yet. Sigh


  1. sewing machines are such a good idea to make books, also, as you say, i like the ink bleeding or even just slightly showing through, it just adds something

  2. (and sewing machines are life savers, everyone should own one for sure)

  3. This is cool. I think even Katherina may like it.

    Well. Maybe.