Thursday, 25 November 2010

Ridiculous day

As some of you know, I don't live on campus or anywhere near it.
It takes me roughly an hour and a half to get in to Harrow from Raynes Park.
Today I had a dissertation meeting at 10.30, came all the way in, all the way to M block to find a note on my tutors door saying she wasn't in today. THANKS.
Decided it was okay because I had lots of printing to do after my SUPER PRODUCTIVE day of printing negatives, screen wiping and screen washing yesterday.
I'd left everything with the print technician who said he'd expose all 9 of my pages onto all 5 of my screens for today.
Went in and found that someone had left their treated screens on the shelf above mine in the dark room and it had all dripped and taken off the emulsion. So no printing today.

Rant over. Going to print some t-shirts and bags now I'm home and warm.
Also here is the proof that I have been int he print room doing things.. one of five ruined screens!!

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