Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I was standing outside Centre Court in Wimbledon waiting for my friend when a horrible little chav, litterally half my age with a dirty great fag in his mouth threw a GIANT GRAPE AT ME.
What's worse is that it hit me. Right in the face and if I hadn't been wearing sunglasses it most probably would have gone right in my eye. I was so very cross but being one of the weaklings that ends up crying when trying to shout at people I just called him a wanker and went and stood next to some boys who I thought might protect me if it happened again.
Things like this should not happen
a. After leaving school a good 4 years ago
b. When you are twice the age of said dirty little chav
c. When you are a harmless, very small girl/lady

Wish it had happened when I was in one of my foulest of moods because I most definitely would have thrown my water bottle at him.

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  1. i hate dirty little chavs. some of them once threw chicken at me and my friends in peckham. haa. lame!

    i need more piercings. i can't wait to get my nose :)

    ps: i really like that elephant!